Car hacks 101: the rules of the road

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 4:05 pm
Car hacks that don’t break the rules in Springfield MO

Car hacks that don’t break the rules in Springfield MO

If you own a car, you’re bound to experience times of frustration. On occasion, you might experience driving a gas-guzzler, a broken air conditioner (or no air conditioner) or you might get lost. Because we’re well aware that those times call for action, we want to share some car hacks that don’t break the rules in Springfield MO. So, sit down, buckle up and get ready to master those times of frustration.

If you own a gas-guzzler, you’re probably not too happy about the constant stops to the gas station. There are two ways to fix this: first, you can purchase a new 2015 Volkswagen Jetta and experience an extremely efficient ride, or you can fill up your car when it’s cold. Gas is something that expands when the temperatures are warmer, so if you’re experiencing bad efficiency, fill up your car late at night or early in the morning (when the temperatures are the coolest). While it may not make a huge difference, you’re still going to gain a bit of gas volume when the weather heats up.

Another little road hack we would like to share with you has to do with the highway exit signs. Have you ever been approaching an exit, not sure of which far lane (right or left) you’re supposed to be in? If you have, the secret is this: the road signs are on the same side as the exit. So, if there are two signs next to each other, stay on the side of the highway that is the same as the sign.

Alright, one more. When it’s hot outside, the inside of your car also heats up. When you’re going to start it, roll down your passenger side window, then go to the driver’s side and move the door back and forth in a fanning motion. This allows air to flow through the vehicle quickly, cooling your car down much faster.

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