How to use your VW Bluetooth feature

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Connecting a smartphone to Volkswagen Bluetooth

Connecting a smartphone to Volkswagen Bluetooth

There are few things more frustrating for drivers than to see another person on the road, making dangerous mistakes while holding a cellphone. With newer technology making this unnecessary, we think it’s a good thing to learn more about connecting a smartphone to Volkswagen Bluetooth, so you can be a safe driver even when an emergency phone call can’t be avoided.

Benefits of VW Bluetooth VW Multifunction Steering Wheel

While the most obvious benefit of hooking up your phone to the Bluetooth system is the benefit of making and receiving hands-free calls, it’s not the only reason you may want to learn how to pair up. Phone calls are easier and safer because you can answer the phone right from the controls on the steering wheel, and a microphone in the overhead console picks up your voice, while the person on the other end of the line can be heard through the vehicle’s speakers.

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In addition to making phone calls, you can stream audio from your phone. This means you can play your downloaded music or podcasts, though phone apps will still require use of your carrier’s mobile data, which may not work as well when you’re on the move.

How to connect to your Bluetooth system

Keep in mind that the Bluetooth capabilities have been available in VW vehicles since the 2010 model year. Depending on the system installed in your vehicle, the process may be slightly different for you. Still, once you get started, it shouldn’t be difficult to follow the various prompts on your phone or audio system.

  1. Check your phone’s compatibility. Not all phones will connect.
  2. Ensuring your vehicle is parked and the parking brake is applied, put the ignition into accessory mode.
  3. Your vehicle will automatically check for Bluetooth devices for three minutes.
  4. On your phone, search for Bluetooth devices and select VW Phone.
  5. You phone should ask to confirm the connection, and your audio system may give a pin to confirm as well.
  6. Touchscreen models typically ask to automatically connect in the future, and to import your phonebook.

While these instructions are generally applicable, certain models and systems may require slightly different steps. For example, your vehicle may require you to hit the phone button before it will search for your device, and you may have to set up a pin for added security.Still have questions about your Bluetooth system? Feel free to reach out to us here at Volkswagen of Springfield, and check back here at our blog for more tips like this one.

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