Resetting the TPMS in your 2016 Volkswagen

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 at 7:03 pm
How to turn off the VW tire pressure warning light

How to reset the tire pressure sensor in VW models

We love modern technology and safety features. Warning sounds let us know when we’re straying from our lanes, and even when we just leave the lights on or don’t close the door all the way. It’s these small things that prevent our batteries from dying and keep us safe. At the same time, it can be annoying when you see a warning light and you know you’ve fixed the problem. So if your TPMS system is acting a bit wacky, you may be wondering how to reset the tire pressure sensor in VW models so that you can be sure yours will still give you a correct reading next time your tires are a bit low.

The VW Tire Pressure Monitoring System doesn’t turn off automatically

This should be your first question, whether the system is meant to turn off on its own, and it isn’t. We are assuming you’ve already filled your tires before seeking answers on how to turn off the warning light, but if you haven’t you should know that the proper PSI for your tires should either be listed on your gas tank lid or the inner door jamb of your vehicle.

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Did you know a tire underinflated by just 8 PSI can reduce fuel economy by up to 4%? Well it only goes down from there, and the uneven pressure will almost definitely wear your tires thin earlier than necessary. So be sure to actually fill your tires before resetting the system.

How to reset the Volkswagen tire pressure indicator

Resetting the system is quick and easy one you know how to do it.VW tire pressure reset button Once properly inflated, you’re either going to find a small button right in the glovebox if you have a model from the pre-infotainment days, or you’ll turn it off through your touchscreen system. If pressing a button simply make sure to hold it until you hear a beep.

In the infotainment system, the TPMS can be reset by finding the tires section within the setup menu. Hit set, then confirm that your tires comply with the required PSI values.

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If you’ve gone through this whole process and your system still won’t reset, double check that your tires are set to the right pressure. Otherwise you may have to stop by our dealership to make sure the system itself isn’t faulty. We hope this post was helpful, and you’ll come back here to the Napleton Volkswagen Springfield Blog to read more posts like this one.

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  1. Hi thanks for the info!!!

    • Jeremy says:

      Hi how do i di this if I don’t have the button in the glove box nor the car opption on the infotainment system? I’ve got a 2012 Passat

  2. katrina keenan says:

    Hi i have the touareg 2017 the check tyre pressure keeps coming on reading the manual on how to reset this If i put part load it is still there if i put full load it come up pressure to low can you please explain how to reset it in and what exactly should the tyre pressure be set at

  3. Ed Winacott says:

    The 2018 golf TSi does not have the button in the glove compartment.
    Does it use a direct method rather than sensing differences in wheel rotation?

  4. Leunit says:

    I have tiguan 2008 and light of tyre pressure not turned of . On pc says tyre pressure warning . Fault. Permanent . But all wheels are 2.4 bar pressure can you help mee

  5. Deborah Laird says:

    How often should i have to adjust the air in my tires ,seems to happen a lot ,i have a 2014 Jetta

  6. Lena Boyd says:

    How to reset tire sensor light in my 2011 Volkswagen Routan. No button in my glove compartment


    I have a 2014 VW Beetle convertible. I don’t see either thing on this car. Does anyone know about this car?

  8. Arfeen says:

    Low tyre pressure indication is not diminishing even after inflating as per recommendation by VW Passat 2014 WB edition, reset button is not responding, should I contact dealership or is there an alternative?

  9. Don says:

    How do I reset the tire pressure light on my 2009 vw cc sport

  10. Shirley harris says:

    Is there a difference between doing a reset and re-initializing? I put a new tire on my 2018 tiguan – same brand and tire size but a different speed rating. Low tire pressure light has been coming on since before the new tire but my dealer will not do anything until I once again replace the new tire to the same speed rating. I saw an article on line describing exactly the same situation and how the tire pressure needs to be initialized, not reset. I can’t find the article nor the way to initialize pressure setting.

  11. Carlos says:

    Light in the pannel do not turn off speciy tire pressure and others

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