Premium Volkswagen safety features will soon be standard

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Standard automatic emergency braking in Volkswagen

Standard automatic emergency braking in Volkswagen

Just like every industry, automotive advertising puts quite a bit of focus on the latest and greatest features offered in select models. We say select because while the commercials will likely show cars parking themselves and performing operations at the sound of an actor’s voice, it’s often the case that the impressive features come at a premium, and not everyone wants to pay a premium. Now some key players in automotive safety are pushing automakers to take the premium away from driver assistance features, which could mean standard automatic emergency braking in Volkswagen models.

Why will automatic braking become standard?

Automatic emergency braking, much like parallel parking assistance and blind spot monitoring, has been an available feature for many years. Even as an option, it’s frequently only offered for luxury brands or higher trim levels. Now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have called on automakers to make automatic emergency braking a standard feature, following a report from the IIHS which showed this safety feature can lower injury insurance claims by as much as 35%.If hearing statistics about how well it works isn’t enough, see it in action for yourself from this Volkswagen UK video:

Volkswagen is one of the automakers to agree to take away the premium label for automatic emergency braking. We already mentioned Volkswagen will be putting more focus on car safety in 2016, combining automatic braking with forward collision warning to earn it a Top Safety Pick+ award for drivers choosing the optional Driver Assistance package. These features will be standard on the CC V6 4Motion Executive and the Touareg Executive for 2016, but are available on select trims of the entire Golf family, the Jetta and the Touareg Lux/Sport with Tech. Considering this feature wasn’t even an option on most models last year, this seems like a step in the right direction. But it’s just one step.

Volkswagen automatic emergency braking in all models

It was just announced this week that VW agreed to add automatic emergency braking as a standard feature, so a schedule has not yet been set up suggesting when this feature will be implemented across the lineup. It’s too late for the 2016 model year, but not entirely out of the question for 2017. Right now it remains to be confirmed, and whether this new feature will mean a boost in price will also be something we’re waiting to discover.

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What we will say, is that it appears to be good news. Though we all like to think we’re excellent drivers who don’t require more safety features that take control away from smart drivers, the reality is every day we get behind a machine that weighs thousands of pounds and can cause serious injuries and death.

New models and features are on the way, and we’re writing about them here at the Volkswagen of Springfield Blog. Check back here often for the latest news.

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