What should you watch out for when buying a used VW?

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Things to avoid when buying a used Volkswagen

Things to avoid when buying a used Volkswagen

Not all of us are car experts, so if you don’t have someone who knows a lot about cars to go along with you, it can be hard to find the right car on a budget without worrying about getting the raw end of the deal. Today we’re going to provide a brief list of things to avoid when buying a used Volkswagen and tips for getting a great used vehicle

Research used carsResearch is king

Absolutely every automaker has had bad model years, whether it’s American made or sporting the claim of excellent German engineering. One place to start if you’re eyeing up a used Volkswagen is to research the specific year, make and model. This way you’ll know if there were common issues across the line, and if they are issues you know how to fix or are inexpensive to repair.

If you’ve done the research on the year, make and model and find the results are satisfying, it’s time to get the CarFax on the particular vehicle. This will tell you if the vehicle has been in an accident, a flood or has any other issue that could leave it with hidden trauma.

You should also come prepared knowing exactly what the used car you’re looking into is worth before you even go for a test drive. Don’t trust the seller to have done the research for you, especially a private seller who may be basing the price on the supposedly reliable driving experience. Check Kbb.com for private and dealership pricing on the car, which will show you different values based on the condition the vehicle is in.

Never let your emotions or lifelong desire to get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Beetle convince you to impulse buy. Do your research if you expect to drive away happy.

Known issues to avoid


Beetle Floating Irish CrossingIf you’re buying from a dealership, some vehicles will have known issues and typically are listed as-is. Buying from a private seller won’t necessarily be as transparent. When buying a used VW avoid vehicles with electrical problems, as modern systems can be difficult to repair or even diagnose. Avoid the labor costs and just don’t do it. Also avoid cars that look like they’ve had poor do-it-yourself repairs. The last thing you want to find out is that a vehicle has problems caused by the previous owner that are impossible to backtrack on now. High mileage, rust and flood damage are also factors to consider on otherwise attractive options.

If your budget allows it, buying a certified pre-owned vehicle can be an excellent way of getting the Volkswagen you want with more confidence in the car you’ll receive. We have stringent inspections, limits on mileage and a great warranty that will give the assurance you want when buying a VW.

We hope you found these tips helpful for your next used car purchase. If you liked this entry, keep coming back here to our blog for more tips and industry news.

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  1. Skylar Nixon says:

    Undoubtedly, one needs to be very careful while buying a used vehicle. Generally, used vehicle is associated with a lot of issues. So, a pre-purchase inspection should be conducted by experienced professionals to identify mechanical problems associated with such vehicle. Buying such vehicles without any inspection could cost a lot.

  2. Amy Zahirski says:

    While buying a used car, we should avoid vehicles with electrical problems as modern system in cars are difficult to repair or even diagnose. Before purchasing a used vehicle, we mustn’t miss the chance of test driving it. Because by performing a test drive, we can know about the defects of the vehicle, the braking system is working properly or not. Apart from this, the used car must be inspected by an experienced mechanic thoroughly prior to purchase.

  3. Zoey Butler says:

    Thanks for summarizing the importance of research to make a profitable deal. Research is the key to making a deal profitable. So, it is really essential to do a lot of research prior to procure a used vehicle. Apart from this, an inspection should be conducted to identify mechanical issues associated with the concerned vehicle. Information given in this article is really beneficial for readers like me.

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