How does the Volkswagen 4Motion system work with Haldex?

By Product Expert | Posted in VW Features & Technology on Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at 9:44 pm
Volkswagen Haldex 4Motion system function

How does the Volkswagen 4Motion system work with Haldex?

Here in America we can be a little intense when it comes to the automotive industry. Our country is large and, except in the largest cities, personal transportation is necessary for everything from our daily work commute to the trip to the grocery store. We rely on automakers to create solid vehicles on which we can depend, and having all-wheel drive is one way to make that happen. Today we’re going to look a little deeper into VW AWD and the Volkswagen Haldex 4Motion system function. 

Volkswagen 4Motion SystemWhat is Volkswagen 4Motion?

As we’ve already briefly defined it, the 4Motion system is what Volkswagen calls all-wheel drive in its vehicles. Volkswagen actually has two different systems, one which uses a Torsen differential and the other which uses the Haldex coupling. Some people argue whether this Haldex version should really be called a permanent AWD system since it actually acts as a front-wheel drive vehicle under clear driving conditions, while one that operates with the Torsen differential puts power to all four tires even when the roads are clear. The reason people like the Haldex, then, is because using power only when needed saves on fuel.

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What is the Haldex Coupling?Haldex coupling

The Haldex coupling works as part of the 4Motion system to variably distribute propulsive power between the front and rear wheels, working with the electronic stability control system to improve safety. By sensing and adjusting to factors such as slippage, handling and torque, it helps to keep your vehicle steady in slippery conditions.

Manual Transmission 4MotionSomething you should know about the Haldex

Like all parts, the Haldex system requires maintenance. For a while manufacturers were working with the concept of lifetime fluids, which didn’t turn out so well. Haldex fluid and filters should be changed out. It also should be noted that there is only one type of Haldex fluid, and using anything else can lead to damage.

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