Volkswagen will bring the Beetle Denim to the LA Auto Show

By Product Expert | Posted in Events, VW Beetle, VW Golf on Thursday, November 19th, 2015 at 4:31 pm
Volkswagen at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Volkswagen at the Los Angeles Auto Show

When it comes to automotive shows, news has been a bit lacking lately. SEMA just ended, but that’s a show made more for the aftermarket crowd than for those of us more interested in taking a peek at what automakers are cooking up behind the scenes. Now we have a bit more to be excited about as we get to talk about what we expect to be going on with Volkswagen at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Mostly, we’ll be seeing vehicles that have already been revealed at other shows, but more information is coming out on those, and who knows what surprises VW will bring?

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Denim Convertible2016 Volkswagen Beetle Denim Convertible

Though this model was first revealed at the New York International Auto Show back in March, not much was being said about it at the time aside from a wide description of its appearance. We’re getting that again now too, but with a few more details. We already knew it was going to come out solely as a convertible, which makes sense because the soft top is an excellent opportunity to add some extra flare to the look. It would appear in most other ways it will be exactly like other 2016 models, so we’re mostly looking at a style choice.

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At first it was said that there would be nine color options for this model, but now VW has revealed there will only be Stonewashed Blue and Pure White. Only 2,000 total units will be produced, which will be split evenly between the two color options. Both the exterior and interior will have unique features reminiscent of the 1970s Beetle Denim. The MIB II infotainment system will be installed in the vehicle, but only with the 5.0-liter infotainment system, which does not include App-Connect functions.

Golf GTE Sport Concept at the LA Auto ShowGolf GTE Sport Concept

While the Beetle Denim is coincidentally launching at the time of the auto show, it’s not 100% certain the automaker will bring a unit along for everyone to poke and prod. Although we don’t see why the automaker wouldn’t. What is confirmed is that the Golf GTE Sport Concept will be making an appearance. This vehicle we have also seen before, but only through pictures and videos as it was revealed over at the Worthersee Festival in Germany.

Lately it feels like we’re beating a dead horse over the issue of plug-in hybrid GTE models, but for a good reason. They’re pretty awesome. The Golf GTE Sport Concept is proof of this, as the model is a 395-horsepower plug-in hybrid, so its sporty exterior isn’t all look and no show. Thanks to a drivetrain that include two electric motors and a turbocharged engine, the model can accelerate from 0-62 in just 4.3 seconds. All this, while having a fuel-economy rating of 118 mpg. If it were to go into production, it likely wouldn’t be within our price range, but it’s still amazing to think about.

We’re sure more news will become available once the LA Auto Show is in full swing. It starts on Friday, Nov. 20th, so be sure to check back here at the Volkswagen of Springfield Blog for more updates.