Volkswagen reveals the BUDD-e electric van

By Product Expert | Posted in VW Features & Technology on Monday, January 18th, 2016 at 11:02 pm
Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept features

Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept features

For those itching to see some futuristic technology outside of the movies, the best place to look tends to be car shows and events like the Consumer Electronics Show, which is centered on the idea of showing the world what technology is currently being developed. CES isn’t all about cars, but automakers who do participate are expected to bring concepts that wow. With the array of Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept features we’ve been seeing this week, we think VW has done a fantastic job.

VW technology presented in BUDD-e

The most important thing about BUDD-e isn’t the vehicle itself, as we aren’t entirely sure VW even plansolkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept internet of things on bringing a van to the U.S. market, let alone one that will in any way resemble this concept. Concept cars are meant to be a tad extravagant, as they showcase possibilities that aren’t always the most practical. This being the case, BUDD-e is every bit a concept. It features a sleek interior that is completely electronic, without the hard buttons and knobs we are accustomed to. This include the multi-function steering wheel, which appears like a game controller with pressure sensitive controls. All of this looks cool, but do we want to know what all this would actually cost? Of course not.

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What we can pull from this isn’t the ability for automakers to replace dashboards with screens, because it’s theoretically possible. Volkswagen is already promising us gesture control technology soon, as an e-Golf Touch was also shown, which we’ll be discussing separately in a later blog. BUDD-e, too, features gesture controls, touchscreen and voice controls for a fully interactive experience. To what extent we can expect all this in the future remains to be seen. The concept display shows everything from built-in navigation and to trip data, not to mention infotainment functions.

Altogether, we’re not sure if this whole interactive concept should be the wave of the future, as it sounds like it offers plenty of distraction, at least until combined with autonomous cars. The other major talking point about BUDD-e is the Internet of Things connectivity, which means the vehicle will be able to function with other connected devices, including homes, smartphones and other devices.

Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept digital dashboard
Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept trunk
Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept interior

BUDD-e electric car specs

As the world becomes more and more connected, many drivers are less interested in complex technology and more concerned with the practical aspects of driving. Like how to save money. Fuel prices are always rising and falling, and we like the idea of models that won’t be as harmful to the environment, but the options on the market are currently less than stellar. There is a lot going on with the BUDD-e concept, and an interesting interior isn’t the only thing. It is also built on the Modular Electric Platform, which is a new platform from VW and will allow the automaker to design and build more plug-in options. This concept vehicle is said to get up 233 miles based on EPA ratings, which makes it a much more practical option than what we’re currently seeing. Volkswagen has also stated that electric models could charge up to 80% in 30 minutes by 2019, which takes away much of the current concerns.

We think it’s clear electric vehicles are the future of the automotive world, and BUDD-e represents just one vehicle that shows where the technology is headed. Are you disappointed this concept won’t be making its way to showrooms? Drop us a comment below, and be sure to check back here at the Volkswagen of Springfield Blog for more posts like this one.

Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept cargo drawer
Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept
Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept grille
Volkswagen BUDD-e electric van concept Microbus successor

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