Volkswagen offers big reveals at 2016 Geneva International Motor Show

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VW T-Cross Breeze Crossover SUV features and predictions

VW T-Cross Breeze Crossover SUV features and predictionsVW T-Cross Breeze Crossover SUV Convertible Top

If it seems like all we’re talking about lately is automotive shows, and now the T-Cross specifically, it’s because there’s a whole lot going on for Volkswagen already this year. We all know it’s taking a bit for Volkswagen to come back strong, but the brand is nothing if not persistent. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a whole new model come out from VW, but it’s more and more likely to happen. We know, Volkswagen is a bit known for flashing some concepts and then never green lighting them, but we’re confident it’s different this time. With the VW T-Cross Breeze Crossover SUV confirmed as one of the displays at the 2016 Geneva International Motor show, we’re taking a look at its features and offering up predictions on what this could mean for the lineup.

VW T-Cross Breeze Crossover SUV Dashboard and Active DisplayWhat’s different about the VW T-Cross Breeze?

There is so much going on with this crossover concept, it’s hard to know where to start. While the illuminated squares had us picturing unique foglights and an electric powertrain, these hints proved to be misleading. The lights are actually the DRLs in this model, and the “conceptual bridge” from the BUDD-e shows a similar ideal for the interior, with no EV power to be found. What we end up with is a model that lacks most buttons and switches, but operates primarily through touch and gesture controls. We’ll likely see videos of exactly how it operates soon, but for now it’s obvious there are two screens, one for the infotainment and one for the gauge cluster, which stick out from the dashboard and are connected to form one long console.

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The most impressive new feature is a system which uses sensors and cameras to track terrain, which then switches modes automatically to account for it. A map will also show terrain to avoid, which could be helpful to keep drivers from getting stuck. Theoretically, since it’s not entirely clear whether this model is intended for production. The original press release indicated it would be, but now it sounds more like plans for a model like this are more realistic. For our market, we don’t see the T-Cross Breeze actually hitting our shores even if it is stripped down to have standard controls if it retains the same 1.0-liter, 109 horsepower engine. Sure, it gets up to 47 mpg, but it also only has 109 horsepower. This doesn’t sounds like the best concept for truly driving off the beaten path.

VW T-Cross Breeze Crossover SUV Interior Design
VW T-Cross Breeze Crossover SUV Front Seats
VW T-Cross Breeze Crossover SUV Spiral Wheels
VW T-Cross Breeze Crossover SUV DRLs

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