Top weekend getaways near Springfield MO

By Product Expert | Posted in Events, Holidays on Thursday, May 26th, 2016 at 9:25 pm
Weekend vacations ideas Springfield MO

Weekend vacations ideas Springfield MO

What’s your dream vacation like? It probably involves either traveling through Europe to check out some of the most popular and historic landmarks, or simply getting away to a warm beach and soaking up the rays. Unfortunately, many of us can’t find time to get out and away thanks to busy schedules. With Memorial Day coming up, we thought it time to hit on the topic of weekend vacations ideas for those wanting to get away from Springfield MO for just a little while. All of these places are within a three-hour drive of our Springfield location, and will offer a new atmosphere for shopping and relaxing.

Weekend Resort locations near Springfield MO

Whether you opt to spend your dough on fancy meals and spa treatments, or simply are looking for an attractive place with a pool, these are some accommodations that will allow you to feel ritzy without completely draining the bank account.

The Elms Hotel & SpaGolf Vacation

Packages for this hotel could easily run you up to the $600 mark, but not to worry! You can also find rates hovering much closer to the $100 mark if you plan area. The rooms are beautiful, as are the grounds and the pool. You’ll sleep on a cozy memory foam mattress, wake up and make coffee with the Keurig coffeemaker, and enjoy complimentary WiFi. With basic comfort covered, you’ll be happy to know the location is just a half hour outside of Kansas City, and you can visit Hall of Waters, vineyards and nearby parks to keep your days full and fun.

Tar-Tar-A Resort Golf Club, Marina & Indoor Waterpark

Just over an hour and a half from Springfield, you’re probably aware of this amazing resort. Unlike the Elms Hotel, which would probably be better suited as a romantic getaway for couples, the Tar-Tar-A Resort mixes a bit of family fun into the mix with its indoor waterpark. With plenty of golfing opportunities, a fantastic pool and a beachside view, it’s just as nice for couples too.

The Village at Indian Point

This lakeside resort is just a touch closer to Springfield, but no less relaxing to visit. There’s a heated indoor pool, a children’s wading pool, an outdoor pool and a game room. The rooms give you a log cabin vibe, but you won’t be roughing it either as there are plenty of comforts while you stay. Plus, it’s close to both the theatre and shopping district in Branson in case you get a touch stir-crazy.

These are just some resorts you can stay at to get the feeling of leaving Springfield for a bit, but also experience all the Ozarks have to offer. There are plenty of beautiful resorts you can head off to. Do you have a favorite getaway? Share your thoughts with a comment below, otherwise be sure to check back here at the Napleton Volkswagen Springfield Blog for more ideas.

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