Winter driving with VW AWD 4Motion System

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Which Volkswagen models have all-wheel drive?

Which Volkswagen models have all-wheel drive?

When winter weather hits hard, we all think of ways that could make the driving experience just a little less nerve-wracking. There’s nothing quite so scary, and a bit embarrassing, as getting your car stuck. That, and who wants to spend extra time shoveling out a car that just can’t handle a little bit of sludge. This time of year, we have quite a few shoppers asking us which Volkswagen models have all-wheel drive, and we have a few options for you.

VW car options with AWD2016 Golf R Standard AWD

The Volkswagen AWD system is called 4Motion, so when you search for future vehicles with AWD, this is the term you’re looking for. In 2016 there are just two vehicles that have 4Motion, the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R and the 2016 Volkswagen CC V6 4Motion Executive.

You’ll notice the CC model is a specific trim level, and it’s the highest one. This vehicle isn’t for someone merely seeking a smart winter option, but the most features and best performance. Much like the Golf R, the 4Motion system is added for better grip from a stop, which gives an increased feeling of stability on loose gravel just as it does when trying to maneuver out of a thick snow.

Unlike the CC, the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R comes standard with AWD. Those interested in performance know all-wheel drive give better acceleration and handling for track-ready vehicles, so it’s a feature you’d expect to see in the Golf R. Keep in mind, this vehicle comes stock with summer performance tires, so it is imperative that you switch over to winter tires if you hope to see any benefit to the AWD system when driving in snow.

As of right now, it’s clear Volkswagen isn’t offering AWD in cars with winter driving in mind, though we may see a Golf SportWagen in the future that could have 4Motion.

2016-Volkswagen Tiguan Optional 4MotionVW SUV options with AWD

When it comes to winter safety, cars aren’t the first thing most drivers think of for the best in safety because they sit low to the ground and have smaller wheels. SUVs are popular for their capability, both for off-road adventures and for making winter commutes more tolerable. Both the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan and the 2016 Volkswagen Touareg have all-wheel drive, though it’s an optional feature in the former and a standard feature in the latter.

When it comes to choosing a Volkswagen model with 4Motion, the Tiguan is the most affordable option. The CC, Golf R and Touareg are all targeted toward shoppers seeking the top option in their given segments. The Tiguan take a mid-level approach as it offers luxury, but at a price that isn’t exclusive.

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The Touareg, on the other hand, is a model that aims to please in every aspect. From a solid design to premium features, it’s the sort of vehicle that shows you’ve made it, and it has the capabilities to make it worthwhile for adventures during any season.

For now these are your complete 4Motion options, but should any more become available we’ll be updating here at the Volkswagen of Springfield Blog, so stay tuned.

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