Volkswagen develops a racetrack-ready Golf

By Product Expert | Posted in VW Golf, VW News on Monday, July 20th, 2015 at 4:18 pm
New Volkswagen Motorsport VW Golf

New Volkswagen Motorsport VW Golf

Those deeply interested in Volkswagen culture are likely already aware of the company’s long history in motorsports, particularly rally car racing. Now Volkswagen Motorsport is attempting to throw its hat in the ring for the eight round of the Touring Car Racer International Series (TCR), and developed a racetrack-ready Golf in preparation. The new Volkswagen Motorsport VW Golf is lower and meaner looking than any Golf available in showrooms, putting the performance of the 2015 Golf GTI to shame. Which only makes sense, but we all know GTI drivers which they could drive a real racecar.

33- hp GolfSpecifications of the TCR Golf-based concept car

The TCR category is a new one, and is targeted toward drivers who get behind the wheels of modified cars that are normally meant for driving on the road, such as the 2015 Volkswagen Golf. The new touring Golf is production-based, but heavily modified in accordance with the TCR regulations. What does this mean? When it comes to production-based models, the main thing is that the car should have the basic body shell of the production model. The engine is entirely up for grabs, so the Golf touring racecar features a 330-horsepower 4-cylinder engine, which is based on the Golf R engine, but delivers 38 more horsepower and increases the torque by more than 20 pound-feet.  Paired with the engine is the automatic DSG gearbox with shift paddles on the steering wheel for easy driver control. The chassis has also been widened by 40 centimeters (15.78”) over the production Golf, with 18” racing rims and a large rear wing for a sportier look.

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Other modifications include a newly-designed front splitter and interior safety measures such as a racing seat with head protectors, a racing safety cell and safety tank.

We know part of the joy in racing is doing your own mods, but it looks like Volkswagen is ready to help racers out when it comes to packing power into the Golf. The Golf race car is being put through the paces now, and if we hear anything more about its standing we’ll be updating here at our blog.

Volkswagen TCR Golf
Volkswagen TCR-Golf safety