The Volkswagen Beetle is the first model ever created by the German automaker, and continues to be one of the most easily recognizable vehicles on the road. With other models adopting similar design elements, does the Beetle continue to hold its sway with fans?


Beetle Convertible

When it comes to inexpensive convertibles, there aren’t nearly enough on the market. The Volkswagen Beetle Convertible is a stylish option which doesn’t take itself too seriously. The result is a model that brings the top-down feel without a luxury price tag.



At some point, most people want to get out of a compact car and find a model with a more executive feel that shows the progress they’ve made in life. When it comes to luxury midsize sedans, the CC offers a wide range of features and a sophisticated appearance.



This hatchback has earned favor with college students, small families and everyone in between as it offers superior cargo space, a roomy interior and plenty of standard features. With competition learning the value of the design, does the Golf hold its place on top?

Golf vs Golf GTI

Golf GTI

The hot hatch segment is on fire, as more and more automakers attempt to mix performance with practical, everyday needs. The Golf GTI has long been a favorite for subtle styling cues that just hint at the fact that it isn’t your standard grocery-getter.

Golf GTI vs Focus ST
Golf GTI vs Golf R

Golf R

If the Golf GTI made the Golf fun to drive, the Golf R really ups the ante with performance figures designed to make other drivers jealous. Not only is it the best performer in the VW lineup, but the interior has one of the most luxurious and upscale designs.


Golf SportWagen

When did the station wagon go the way of the dinosaurs? Slowly the practical model is making a comeback as shoppers realize the body style has many practical elements that make it perfect for families, especially when it comes to extra cargo space.



Everything’s better in a Jetta. The model starts out as an economy model that works well into most budgets, but with a variety of trims and body styles, it can quickly be updated into a dream car. It also doesn’t hurt that it offers impressive fuel economy.

Jetta vs Passat


When it comes to smart options, the midsize sedan remains one of the top segments for both efficiency and roominess. The Passat earns particular praise for its legroom and overall driving style, while offering understated styling that is elegant and refined.



Crossovers are becoming a favorite for new shoppers as the higher ride height offers better visibility, but the smaller size still makes them easy to maneuver. The Tiguan is a fun-to-drive crossover that doesn’t skimp on power or the technology features drivers want.

Tiguan vs RAV4


Why spend more money for a fancy nameplate when you can find a luxury option with an automaker you already know and love? The Touareg is the most upscale option in the VW lineup, while also being the largest to provide comfort and plenty of room to stretch.